I was diagnosed with wet macula degeneration about 10 years ago and was immediately referred to a retina specialist. I had 2 cold laser treatments as well as 2 months of intensive, high dosage cortisone. I also began taking an eye health supplement every day. At that stage these drastic measures were necessary as the vision in my right eye was reduced to 30%.I had been warned that there was little hope of a reversal in my condition and I was also told that the same problem could well begin in my left eye.

After the laser and cortisone there was a start of some improvement. My ophthalmologist recommended that I begin using your product about 4 years ago, to maintain my existing sight and to hopefully improve my vision further.
I take 1 tablet 2x a day, eat as many berries as I can, use eye protection whenever I am outdoors and slowly but surely my sight has further improved and my left eye remains clear of any degeneration. My sight now varies between 75% and 80% and no one can believe these results.

I believe that your product has been a huge boost to my eye improvement but I must also give credit to my very positive attitude. I am a great believer in the power of the mind, the practice of visualizing my eye’s improvement and in the bodies capacity to self heal.

I remain convinced that the combination of all that I continue to do has worked this little miracle in my life and I wish the same to all your clients with similar difficulties.

With thanks and best wishes,
Marcelle Norman, August 2011, Johannesburg, South Africa.

My name is Gail Cillie. I am 57 years old and since the age of 12 my sight has been affected by a condition known as Retinitis pigmentosa. Retinitis pigmentosa results in night blindness, loss of side vision, poor contrast sensitivity, and slow adaptation from dim to bright light. I have experienced progressive sight loss over this period. Annual eye examinations by my eye specialist confirmed the loss of sight.

In 2004 I was told I only had approximately 4% sight. I had lost my ability to move around without the assistance of a sighted guide or the use of my white cane. I also need to use a magnifying glass to assist me with reading. (The year) 2007 saw the launch of the supplement, Retina Plus; I started taking two Retina Plus capsules a day. I arranged with my optometrist to test my sight before I started taking Retina Plus and every six months thereafter; to develop an anecdotal profile to measure the result of taking Retina Plus. An annual examination by my ophthalmologist was also used to measure the outcome.

I have had no further degeneration / loss of sight since I started taking Retina Plus. My most recent visit to my eye specialist in January 2011 confirmed that I had a 3 line improvement in my reading and confirmed a stabilization in my condition. Personally, I feel that I have a better clarity in the sight I still have since taking Retina Plus. I also feel that Retina Plus is responsible for the stabilization of further loss of my sight. Generally I sense I am seeing well since I started taking Retina Plus. I am aware of a change of sight for the better.

I would recommend that any individual whose sight is affected by Retinitis pigmentosa should consider taking Retina Plus.

Gail Cillie – April 2011 – Port Elizabeth – South Africa

After only 6 months of taking these antioxidants my low vision therapist was amazed to record a significant improvement in both my Visual Acuity and Visual fields. An improvement that I had noticed and which has made a huge difference in my daily life.

Over the last 4 years I have not lost any further vision and I take my Retina Plus capsules every single day without fail. I also include leafy green vegetable like Spinach in my diet at least 3 times a week as I believe the micro-nutrients in the natural foods help with absorption of the Lutein, the antioxidant that is found in the macular and has been found to be beneficial in many patient trials.

I am totally amazed when I hear of patients with Retinitis pigmentosa who are not taking Retina Plus- it works!!

Claudette Medefindt – RP patient – Johannesburg, South Africa. April 2011.